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The Last Days
Monday, 21 February 2005
Capital Punishment - by Francis Allan M. Barangan
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: The Last Days
"Shut up, you bitch!"

The foul words emanates from the mouth of a sadistic man who's pointing a knife towards the throat of a young woman. The woman, aged 19 or 20 is seated on a chair with her hands tied behind her back tries unsuccessfully to hold back her cries while the man proceeded in ripping off her clothes. The man, whose age is around 34 to 36, smacked his lips when he saw the woman's exposed glory. His left hand, shaking in delight touches the woman's breast, caressing it at first, then grabbing it hard which made the woman squeal in pain.

Irritated, he grabbed the woman's face, and pulled it towards him. "You better learn to cooperate you bitch or you'll end up rotting under my floor."

`Please..." the woman pleads. "Please don't hurt me..."

"Oh I'll hurt you babe." the man said, his eyes already red in lust. "I'll hurt you so much you better wish you were dead!"

"What... What did I do to you? Why are you doing this to me?"

Without warning, the man's fist slammed the woman's face that she fell back face first on the floor. The blow resulted in the woman coughing out blood. The man grabbed her hair and pulled her bleeding face close to his legs while he struggled to unzip his pants. When he got it done, he took out his meat and wiggled it close to the woman's face. Breathing heavily and obviously delirious in lust, the man squeezed her mouth open.

"Suck this piece of meat you bitch!" the man commanded. The woman still in pain could barely open her mouth, which irritated the man even more. He slapped her face again then he repeated his command to the woman.

"I said suck it bitch!"

The woman opened her mouth in obedience. Blood mixed with saliva filled the woman's mouth as she struggled in fear to obey the man's demand. Instead of getting turned off by this, the man is filled with overwhelming lust as the woman lips touches the head of his meat.

"Ohhh! You don't know how it is bitch. You don't know..." the man said while gyrating his hips. "Bitches like you. Beautiful bitches like you brings only pain and suffering to a man's loving heart. You think you're so perfect, that you do not care what men feel, what I feel!" Then he grabbed the woman's hair and twists it so she is facing upward to him. "You don't know the pain I've suffered! Loving someone, only to end up being fooled! Fooled by women like you!"

The man relaxes his grip for a moment, and then tears flow from his eyes. "They all laughed at me, all of them. I thought I would be happy. Sharing and living a life with someone I love, start a family, see my children grow, grow old and be content. Be content..."

"But bitches like you don't know what love is. So I take matters into my own hand. If I can't have her, nobody can! I own her and nobody is taking her away from me!" Hatred filled his heart once more and he gripped the woman's face pushing his meat deep down her throat.

"You won't do what she'd done to me! Not to me or anybody! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" then he pushed his meat deeper in her mouth. The woman struggled and gasped for air, but he holds her in a vise.

"Didn't I tell you I'd hurt you? Didn't I?" he screamed while she struggled. Blood flows out of her mouth, in a matter of seconds it was over. Her body goes limp and life is swept away from her.

Breathing heavily, he relaxes his grip. Then he pulled out his meat from the woman's mouth. He sat beside her while he catches his breath.

"You won't do what she'd done to me."

The man stood up and picked up his pants and left the room for the kitchen. In the kitchen he grabbed a can of beer, turned on the radio and sat on the chair with his legs up on the table. The station is broadcasting traditional music, which relaxes him as he drinks his beer. Another gulp of beer and he felt his eyes getting heavier. Feeling sleepy already, he drank the last drop, stretched his arms before finally closing his eyes. Unfortunately for him, he is already asleep when the station that he's listening to interrupted the usual program to bring up disturbing news.

Hours have already passed when he woke up. He realizes it's already dark outside. Then he remembered the body of his latest victim, which he left lying in his room. Partly blaming himself for not taking care of the body sooner, he grabbed an empty sack from the kitchen and proceeded to his room to take care of the body. However when he opened the room, the body is no longer there!

Thinking the woman is still alive; he cursed himself for being so stupid. He stormed down the stairs opened a hidden cabinet downstairs where he retrieved a Colt .45. Thinking this will finish the job once and for all; he grabbed a flashlight and went out the house to look for the woman.

The place is already very dark outside. He flicked his flashlight and pointed the light on the trees to see if she is hiding there. The house is built within a forest, which makes it easy for him to do his crimes here. No people to worry catching him here, he has killed over 12 women for the past six months, hiding their bodies under the floor of his house. All women have been listed as missing but with no witnesses to the crime, the police have no clue where to start.

He moved through the trees and bushes hoping to catch up with her. After a few kilometers from the house, he heard sounds, which made his hair stand up on its end. The sound appeared to be moans not of animals, but of people, and not just two or three but groups of people scattered all around the forest.

For the first time he felt afraid of the forest. Even though he holds a gun in his right hand, he felt vulnerable being the only living person in a dark forest, coupled with unearthly moans that seem getting nearer. He slowly backed away and resolved to go back to the safety of his home. If she is out there, she's very weak, so she might not survive the night after all.

However when he turned around, the form of a decaying man greets him with open arms that he suddenly backed off in fear. The thing gurgled as if to say something to him then lurched slowly towards his direction. He pointed the gun to the thing to stop it from coming nearer.

"Back away fucker! Back away!" he screamed. But before he could squeeze the trigger, another one, a woman this time grabbed him from behind and took a bite out of his shoulder. He screamed in pain and struggled to get the woman off him. He elbowed the woman on the chest sending her head over heels to the ground. Then he pointed the gun at her but before he could squeeze the trigger, the man who he forgets is still lurching forward, grabbed his arm and took a big bite.

"Ahhhh!! Fuck!!" he screamed, then uses his elbow to knock the man down. He fired the gun one, two and three at the body to make sure it is dead. However it didn't twitch and die in pain as he thought it would. It faces him with blank white eyes while chewing a piece of his flesh. Realizing this is no ordinary adversary; he struggled to return back to the house. But pain from his wounds are slowing him down, at the same time he is losing a lot of blood. The people he encountered took a lot of meat from his shoulder and left arm that he's starting to feel nauseous from loss of blood. But he strove on. Determined to reach the safety of his home.

An arm shot up from the bushes, which tripped him that he fell down face first on the ground. Then he felt a striking pain on his right calf. Another decaying creature has its teeth sunk in his calf and is tearing his flesh apart. He screamed while trying to grab the gun, which fell on his side when he tripped. Grabbing the gun, he focused on pointing the gun on the head. He fired, and the creature fell flat on its back.

"What are you?!" he shouted in pain then he struggled to lift himself from the ground. The sounds of moans are closer than before. He grabbed his flashlight, which fell by his side and flicked it open. To his horror, he saw groups of zombies lurching slowly towards his direction. The sight is enough to get his adrenaline pumping that he limped his way as fast as he could, passing through rocks and small waterways. He encountered some of these monsters along the way, which he was able to neutralize by firing on their heads.

At long last, he was able to see the lights coming from the house. He gasped the sound of delight upon seeing the end of his goal. Upon entering the front door, he shut it locked. Then he limped towards the kitchen and locked the backdoor. Sure that the place is locked up, he permits himself a smile as he proceeded to his room to clean his wounds. But before he can do that, a figure lurches towards him in the shadows. He flicked the flashlight on its direction and saw the young woman who he raped and killed a moment ago standing there with her arms outstretched. He screamed in fear upon the sight of the woman, and then he pulled out his gun and fired at her.

"Fucking bitch! Die! Die!" but maybe because he has lost a lot of blood, his aim falters and he failed to shoot the head. But he kept on firing the gun, hitting the woman on the chest, stomach and arms, until he has exhausted all his bullets without touching her head. The woman hissed and slowly lurched towards him. She no longer displays fear like she did before he killed her. All that's left now is the hunger towards the man who violated her.

The man who used to inflict fear on his victims is now experiencing the other way around. He tried to plead with her. Telling her he's sorry that what he has done to her was a mistake. But the woman no longer cares anymore. She is now beyond reason. Only one thing would satisfy her now, and that is his flesh. The man whimpered as he limped back. The zombie's hands are only a few feet a way. He can feel the cold fingers trying to touch him. The breath of death, trying to choke him.

But suddenly the floor rattled and started to break away! The zombie, which is only a few feet away, stopped for a moment and gazed at the wood that is breaking down from below. The man mumbled in fear "Oh no... God help me..."

He knows what it is.

Molded hands shot up from the wooden floor. Out came the man's earlier victims, heavily decayed but not enough to keep them trapped below. They refused to lie still while the others have risen up, and this night, this special night, they would take revenge on the man who took away their lives. What a delight it is to see him shivering in fear for what will happen next. Thirteen walking corpses surrounded him. The house is now a courtroom, this is judgment day, and they are the jurors.

They've made their decision. Capital punishment. Tonight, for the first time in six months, they will feast.


Posted by Francis Allan M. Barangan at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 22 February 2005 10:18 PM EST
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